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E-Commerce & Website Solutions

Having your own professional website will help you Increase your business credibility, Boost your online presence, Gain more sales and customers,Showcase your products easily, Advertise effectively and Be able to accept online payment.

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ISMARTCMS Technology

Our content management system is a state of the art technology built especially for those people who have little knowledge about computer. The platform is originally developed by our team using the most updated technology. ISMARTCMS is a user friendly content management system. ISMARTCMS will allow you to add or update contents of your website in a very simple step.


ISMARTPAGE Website Features

Complete Package

Everything that you will need to start your professional website is under one hood. Domain Registration, High-End Hosting, Server Maintenance, Customer Login Dashboard, Themes and Website CMS Platform are all included.

CMS Performance

Our website Content Management System platform has a very high performance speed compared to other Off-the-shelf platform like wordpress, joomla, etc. ISMARTCMS is specially made for busines. You will only get functions that you need, unnecessary functions are excluded.

Server Performance

With our high-end server and advance algorithms, we offer better optimized website, faster hosting performance and stabler uptime like no other.

Website Add-Ons

The good thing about our website's is there are no limit when it comes to upgrade. Choose from our existing add-ons collection or create custom add-on or plugin base on what you need or what you like.

Integrated Inquiry System

Inquiries is difficult to handle but it can be solved with the help of our integrated inquiry system. Inquiries that is sent through the built-in contact form will be recorded. Tracing the message will be easy with the use of filter and status update.

Other Features

• Mobile Friendly Interface • Facebook Page Integration • Facebook Sharing • Search Engine Optimization • Powerful Search tool with Tag • Youtube Embedded Video • Google Map integration

Website Platform Variation

Real Estate Website Listing Platform

This platform is a fully optimize website where people can filter their desired property immediately. This platform has a built in content management system and a customer inquiry tracking system.

Website Link:

Social Networking Platform

This platform is specialy made for social networking purposes. Users can add friends, Users can like other users,Users can start a conversation using the system chat and many more. This platform can also be integrated with credit card via paypal for membership payment.
This platform is best for community website.

Website Link:

Website Design

Design is not our only edge when it comes to creativity. We make sure that we implement a better UX(User Experience). Website loading time optimization is also applied to our design development.

E-commerce Solutions

Inventory Management
Shipping Integration
Paypal Integration
Customer Database
Sales Report

Content Management System

You don't need to have any technical knowledge in order to manage your website. We can provide an online platform where you can manage your website depending on what you need.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Ismartpage uses a secure and reliable cloud computing server

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Linux Operating System
  • Trusted Provider
  • Built on powerful cloud technology

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website search ranking with our search engine optimization technology. When we develop, we make sure that we strictly comply with the search engine optimization coding standards.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Our projects and clients are very important to us. We make sure that our projects are always running smoothly. If our clients have problem or question, we make sure that we answer them as soon as possible.

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