Cash Exchange Machine

Thermal Printer for transaction reference and Cash Register Box are supported using the CEM sotftware. Each CEM will be inter-conected via server and data and reports can be access in real time.

Money Changer Solutions

• Anti-Theft • Cash Denomination Inventory
• Real-Time Currency Rate Calculator
• CEM(Currency Exchange Machine)
• Multiple CEM and Branch Integration
• Designed for Philippine Market
• 43 Major Currencies Supported

Real-Time Currency Rate Calculator

View calculated rates in real time using IsmartFX Currency Exchange Machine. Such as Philippine Peso to Foreign Currency, Foreign Currency to Philippine Peso and Foreign Currency to Foreign Currency.

Anti-Theft Solution

• Cash Denomination Inventory for all of your Currency

• Auto denomination for each transaction

Built and Design for Philippine Market

Our software is built for Philippine Market. Base currency is in Peso. ISMARTFX has been tested and proven to solved money changing problems effectively.

Multiple CEM and Branch Integration

Integration using Cloud Base Technology, Data will be Centralize and Real-Time viewing of your business transactions can be monitored anytime and anywhere.

Complete Features

Real-time Currency Rate Calculator
Auto Suggested Denomination
Cash Denomination Inventory
Set Different Buy and Sell Rate per Specific Branch
43 Major Currencies Supported
Print Transaction Tickets on Thermal Receipt Printer
Ability to use Competitive Rates for VIP’s
Support Fingerprint Authentication
Support 24/7 Business Operation
Money Transfer Between Store
Expenses Management System
Generating Daily Rates
Clearing Guide
5 User Management Level
Detailed Report
• Cashier Shift Close Clearing
• Previous Close Clearing
• Shift Update FC Inventory
• Shift Update PHP Inventory
• Shift Sales Report
• Shift Cashier Report
• Shift Purchase & Sold FC
• Shift FC Inventory
• Shift PHP/FC Fund Transfer
• Daily Sales Report
• Monthly Report
• Yearly Report
• Daily Gross Margin
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